September 2023 Minutes

Digby Parish Council 

The notes from the Parish Council meeting held on Monday 11th September 2023 at 7pm, in Digby War Memorial Hall.


PRESENT – Ian Davies (ID) Chairman; Darren Drysdale (DD); Gerald Garton (GG); Karen Groves (KG) and Ken Hand (KH)

In Attendance: Angie McDonald, Clerk and Proper Officer.


Public Forum

A resident that had earlier in the month sent a letter to the parish council regarding drainage issues, came to say LCC Flood Officer is due to visit to look at the situation.  He thanked the Council for passing on his letter.

A representative from the allotments committee came and spoke about the repairs needed to the allotment roads and the associations current financial situation. 


District & County Councillors' Matters

Apologies were received from District Councillor Bailey

County Cllr Kendrick spoke about the charter signed with major service companies to plan and work together when digging up roads to put in services.  He reported the Councils finances are sound and there may be money available for improvements to minor roads.  

The Chairman spoke about the problems being expressed via Facebook about the parking on Church Street.  All the vehicles are legally parking but Cllr Kendrick will find out what is happening with the school safety area.


1.  Chairman's Opening Remarks (23/132)

a) Welcome

The Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting.

2.  Apologies & Vacancy (23/133)

a) Apologies.

Apologies were received and accepted from James Bourne (JB) due to work commitments. 

b) Co-option of a councillor on to the Parish Council.

No application to fill the vacancy had been received.

3.  Declarations of Pecuniary Interest & Applications of Dispensation (23/134)

a) Councillors ID and KG declared an interest in item 11b, road repairs at the Allotments

4.  Signing of the Minutes (23/135)

a) It was proposed by GG, seconded by KG and RESOLVED to accept the notes of the Parish Council Meeting held on Monday 14th August 2023 as a true and accurate record of that meeting.

5.  Planning Matters (23/136)

a) Planning Applications Received

Nil to date

b) Decision Notice Received.

Nil to date.

6. General Parish Matters (23/137)

a) The Cross and the Adoption of Footpath ‘The Smoot’ from North Street to Green Dykes. 

There has been no update from Historic England.  Reminder emails have been sent for a response. 

Cllr Kendrick stated he is still waiting to hear any news on the adoption of the footpath.

b)  Painting of the Telephone Kiosk

After the last meeting an opportunity to apply to the LCC Volunteers Day occurred.  The Clerk put in a request for the painting of the telephone kiosk to be considered and the request was approved.  The Parish council will need to provide the materials and LCC will provide the volunteers to carry out the work.  A meeting is arranged for Wed 13th Sep to discuss requirements.  It was proposed by ID, seconded by KG, that the Clerk should obtain the paint, primer and equipment needed for the volunteers.

Action: Clerk to purchase paint and equipment required

c)  Wreath for the Remembrance Service

It was proposed by DD, seconded by GG that a wreath for the Remembrance Service, up to the cost of £20.00, should be obtained.

Action:  The Clerk to obtain a wreath.

d)  Grant Request towards the upkeep of the Churchyard

A grant request for £300.00 to go towards the ground maintenance of the Churchyard has been made from the PCC.  It was agreed further financial information is required before this can be considered.

Action:  The Clerk to contact the PCC to request this.

e)  Review the Media Policy.

Copies of the latest policies from LALC had been distributed to the councillors prior to the meeting to enable them to review the documents.  It was proposed by GG, seconded by ID and agreed the updated versions of the policies be accepted. It was agreed to form a WhatsApp group of the councillors.

Action:  ID to create the group.

f)  Newsletter/Information Sheet from the Parish Council.

Discussion took place about the principle of a newsletter.  ID agreed to produce a draft example of a newsletter and bring to next months meeting.   If agreed it will be considered to be produced annually.

Action:  ID to produce a draft design, the Clerk to obtain printing costs.

7.  Highways (23/138)

a) Report Pot Holes or Highways Issues.

KG has reported the blockage of the route and issues with a new fence/stile on footpath No. 5.

b)  New Street Light for B1188.

NKDC now requires a formal email requesting the light, a location map, a copy of the minutes and evidence of consultation with residents before they will consider the request.

Action:  The requested information will be gathered and sent to NKDC.

c) Community Speed Watch Update.

The group are now up and running and have requested an additional set of signage, costing £109.71, so they can monitor the speed of vehicles in both directions. It was proposed by ID seconded KH to purchase the additional signage, DD agreed. GG and KG abstained.

Action: The Clerk to order the additional signs required.

d) LCC Survey of Parish Drains.

KG, DD have completed the surveys of the areas allocated to them.  The rest of the council are still to complete the task.

e)  Extend 30mph restriction on Station Road

LCC Highways will not be extending the 30mph restriction to beyond the railway bridge, as requested, as it does not meet the criteria of the County Council’s Speed Limit Policy. It also does not comply to any special measures as there has not been any reported accidents in the location.

8.  The Village Hall (23/139)

a) Minutes from the latest Meeting of the Committee.

Copies of the latest minutes had been distributed to the councillors prior to meeting.  The committee have given permission for the LCC volunteers to use the facilities at the hall when they are working on the telephone kiosk.

9.  Drainage (22/140)

a) Drainage Issues.  

GG stated the bottom of the Beck needs to be cut before winter.

Action:  The Clerk to ask IDB when Beck is due to be cut.

b)  LCC - Riparian Dyke Maintenance.

A response from LCC regarding the non-maintenance of riparian dykes has been received and disturbed to the councillors.  It described the legal breakdown of how  LCC can resolve the non-maintenance situation.

10. Playing Field, Play Areas and Village General (23/141)

a)  RoSPA Annual Inspection of the Play Equipment.

The report of the annual inspection has been received.  Some low to medium risk repairs running repairs are recommended.  It was agreed to obtain a price for the repairs.

Action: The Clerk to list the repairs and request a quote from RPM.

b)  Dug-out Improvements.

Two quotes for recladding the dug out have been received.  It was proposed by ID, seconded by KG that the quote for £1,490 be accepted and the work commence as soon as possible.  The majority agreed, GG against.

Action:  ID agreed to contact the contractor.

c)  Update on Dog Show.

A photo of the event insurance cover has been received. The Risk Assessment has been requested.

11.  Allotments (23/142)

a) The Allotment Committee.

There was nothing to report since the last meeting.

b)  Quote for Roads Repairs at the Allotments

A quote has been passed on from the allotment committee of £1.650 for the repairs to the 3 roads within the allotment field. ID and KG did not take part in the decision or the vote.

It was proposed by KH, seconded by DD and GG agreed the work should commence and the parish council will pay for the work.

12.  Finance (23/143)

a) Bank Balances and Approval of Bank Reconciliation.

PC Account 23,007.89

Allotment Account   6,851.48

Mary Gresswell Account         5.45

The bank reconciliation was approved.

b) Income.

No additional income was received during August.

c) Approval of the following Payments.

It was proposed by ID, seconded by DD and all agreed the following accounts be paid.

Salaries/Expenses   759.40

CJP Garden Services     81.50

PKF Littlejohn – External Audit   252.00

RoSPA – Play Equip annual inspection   230.40

d)  External Audit Completed.

Notice that the External Audit has been completed, with no issues to report, has been received.  The conclusion of Audit Notice has been displayed on the noticeboard and on the Website with the relevant documentation.

13.  Correspondence (23/144)

a) LALC Newsletter - Distributed to all councillors

b) NKDC Newsletter - Distributed to all councillors

c) Letter from Resident – drainage information near Chestnut Close required.  Distributed to councillors and LCC Flood Officer prior to meeting.

d) NKDC – Litter Picking Grant.  Applications for the grant must be in before 6th November.

Action: The Clerk to apply for the grant.

e) Bowls Club Lease – Draft lease from Solicitor received. 

Action: ID to arrange a meeting to go through the paperwork

f) NKDC Engagement Event Invite – Thurs 28th Sep or Tues 10th Oct at Whisby Natural World Centre

14.  Dates of Future Meetings (23/145)

Parish Council meetings

   For 2023 - 9th Oct, 13th Nov, 11th Dec.

15.  Any Business to Note for the Next Agenda (23/146)

Order replacement pads for Defibrillator, current main pads expire 28th Nov.

Book dates for next years meetings 

Village Hall – Internet.

Playing Field – 2 x dead trees 

Playing Field - dumped grass clippings.

16.  Closed Session (23/147)

For confidential items in accordance with the Public Bodies Act 1960, if required.

This item was not required.



21.05hrs -  There being no further business so the Chairman declared the meeting closed 21.05