February 2023 Minutes


Digby Parish Council 


Notes from the parish council meeting held on Monday 13th February 2023 at 7pm, in Digby War Memorial Hall.


PRESENT – James Bourne, Chairman (JB); Tracy Bourne (TB), Ian Davies (ID); Darren Drysdale (DD); Gerald Garton (GG) and Karen Groves (KG)


Public Forum.

There were no members of the public present.


District & County Councillors' Matters.

District Councillor Steve Clegg sent his apologies.

District Councillor Jim Clarke – spoke of the proposed Solar Farm consultative stage.  He has also attended a meeting at RAF Digby regarding the planned expansion of the base.

County Councillor Rob Kendrick (RK) also spoke about the Solar Farm plans and as the site will produce over 50mega watts means the application goes to the government.  RK has written to the company asking 15 questions regarding the application, only a couple have been answered. 

RK will be sending out the Health Watch UK newsletter shortly.


1.  Chairman's Opening Remarks (23/017)

a) Welcome.

The Chairman welcomed our new councillor and everyone to the meeting.

2.  Apologies (23/018)

a) Apologies.

Apologies received and accepted from KH due to holiday.

3.  Declarations of Pecuniary Interest & Applications of Dispensation (23/019)

a)  There were no declarations of interest.

4.  Signing of the Minutes (23/020)

a) It was proposed by GG, seconded by TB and RESOLVED to accept the notes of the Parish Council Meeting held on Monday 9th January 2023 as a true and accurate record of that meeting.

5.  Planning Matters (23/021)

a) Planning Application received


b) Decision Notice Received

22/1698/Hous – 15 Beck Street, Erection of two storey rear extension.  Approved by NKDC 

c) Street Numbering – NKDC have confirmed details for 2 new properties on Fen Road.  Now named Speckley Hen and Orpington Barn.

6.  General Parish Matters (23/022)

a)  Community Speed Watch.

Details of setting up a group and the costs involved had been distributed to the councillors prior to the meeting.  It was agreed to establish public opinion and to collect the names of any volunteers, so information will be available at the next coffee morning.

Action:  The clerk to notify the Village Hall Committee and obtain promotional paperwork

b)  Update on Cllr C Harvey memorial

The plaque has been produced at a cost of £30.00 and both the clock and the plaque will be erected in the Village Hall by the end of the month.

c)  Update on closure of the Mary Gresswell Trust.

The additional trustees have been added to the Charity Commission website. GG confirmed a meeting of the Trustees will take place on 13th March to discuss and vote to close of the charity.

d)  LALC Subscription fees for 2023 – 

LALC Subscription   - £233.06 provides support and legal assistance.

LALC Training - £138.00 councillors and clerk can attend any training sessions provided by LALC throughout the year,

And, Website Maintenance   - £85 gives support and instruction and allows the webmaster 3hrs access to website.  It was proposed by DD, seconded by JB and all agreed to accept the LALC subscriptions for 2023.

e)  Purchase of Replacement Laptop.

The Clerk took the council laptop for assessment, as agreed last month.  It was not cost effective to repair.  A replacement was required, the Clerk received approval from all the councillors for the expenditure of £391.00 +VAT for a new laptop, this included setting it up and transferring all the information from the old laptop.

f)  Solar Farm Consultation

Springwell Solar Farm have carried out consultation in the area regarding the construction of a proposed solar farm on land around Scopwick, Blankney and Ashby.  Our County Councillor has also forwarded information and the questions sent to him by residents of the villages concerned.

7.  Highways (23/023)

a) Site meeting with Highways Officers about Fen Road.

A site meeting took place on 31st Jan on site.  Disappointingly, the action on repairing the road has not progressed from over a year ago when we told it was being assessed.  Correspondence has been sent to Rowan Smith, Highways and our County Councillor expressing our disappointment.  RK has confirmed he is meeting on site with the Head of Highways to discuss this road and others in the Fen area.

b)  Overgrown footpaths - Forget-me-not Way and Church Street

Correspondence has been received regarding these footpaths.  The Parish Council have written to the land owner in the past so it was agreed the overgrown path on Church Street needs to be passed to LCC Highways and the Forget-me-not Way will be reported to NKDC.

Action:  The Clerk to report the overgrown footpaths to the relevant bodies.

8.  The Village Hall (23/024)

a) Minutes from the latest meeting of the committee.

These had been forwarded to the councillors prior to the meeting.

b) Grant Request - Insurance

 A request for a grant to go towards the cost of the insurance of the hall from the Village Hall Committee has been received.  

It was proposed by GG, seconded by JB and all agreed a sum of £520.00 will be made to help cover the cost of the insurance.

Action:  Clerk to forward the grant of £520.00 to the Village Hall Committee

9.  Drainage (23/025)

a)  Maintenance of the Flood Alleviation Channel.

Notification has been received that a verbal agreement between LCC and IDB, for the continued maintenance of the Flood Alleviation Channel, has been agreed. It is now with the LCC legal team to draw up the relevant paperwork and it is hoped to be completed by the start of the new financial year.  

b)  Riparian Project Meeting.

The areas of riparian ownership have been forwarded to LCC. They would like to hold a public session to display maps and leaflets that they are producing, explaining the riparian system.  It has been agreed this can take place at the 4th March Coffee morning.

10. Playing Field, Play Areas and Village General (23/026)

a) Monthly inspection of the play equipment.

The inspection was carried out by DD, nothing new to report.

DD will be producing the new check list, which includes the new equipment.

b) Road Surface Improvements needed within the playing field entrance off B1188 

It was a greed a site meeting was required, to assess the amount of work required to improve the field entrance.  A site meeting will take place on Sunday 19th Feb at 10am.

b) Update on the Bowls Club lease.

TB has taken the original unsigned lease to a solicitor.  It has been confirmed it needs to be updated at a fee of £750.00.  It was agreed before we continue the bowls club need to be contacted to clarify the requirements of the lease.  It was agreed to invite the Chairman of the Bowls club to the next meeting.

Action:  The Clerk send out invite.

c)  Replacement Trees

The 5 replacement trees have been delivered to KH.  KH and DD will plant these within the playing field. 

c)  Flailing of Greendykes.

Malcfirth confirmed the price of £180.00 +VAT.  All the councillors were informed and agreed this work should be carried out.  It was completed on 24th Jan.

11.  Allotments (23/027)

a) Updates from the Allotment Committee.

The first meeting of the year to be held later this month.

12.  Finance (23/028)

a) Bank Balances and Approval of Bank Reconciliation.

PC Account 13,427.08

Allotment Account   5,612.05

Mary Gresswell Trust Account 5.45

The bank reconciliation was approved.

b) Income. 

Income received in Jan/Feb

National Grid – wayleave £8.31

c) Approval Payments.

It was proposed by KG, seconded by GG and RESOLVED the following payment are to be made.

Salaries/Expenses  £617.40

Inagiffy Ltd – Ink and Toner – New Laptop 391.66 + 78.33 VAT = £469.99

CJP Garden Services       £  30.00

MalcFirth 180.00 + 36.00 VAT = £216.00

d)  Precept.

The Clerk confirm the Precept request has been sent to NKDC and a receipt has been received.

e)  New Signatories.

The application to add KH has been completed, final information from KH is required and then he will be added to the signatory list.

13.  Correspondence (23/029)

a) LALC Newsletter - Distributed to all councillors.

b) NKDC Newsletter - Distributed to all councillors. 

c) LCC Volunteer Day.  An opportunity to request help with labour to tackle outstanding jobs around the village.

d)  Policing Priorities. 

e)  NKDC Election training events –  KG and Clerk to attend the Sleaford briefing.  The Clerk to collect the nomination packs from NKDC.

f)  LCC – Towns and Parishes Newsletter Jan 23 – Distributed to all councillors.

14.  Dates of Future Meetings (23/030)

Parish Council meetings

     For 2023 –  13th Mar, 12th Apr, 15th May, 12th Jun, 10th Jul, 14th Aug, 11th Sep, 9th Oct, 13th Nov, 11th Dec

Annual Parish Meeting 26th April

15.  Any Business to Note for the Next Agenda (23/031)

Defib refresher training

Quickline, to confirm this company is not endorsed by Parish Council, 

16.  Closed Session (23/032)

For confidential items in accordance with the Public Bodies Act 1960, if required.

This item was not required



20.50hrs – There being no further business the Chairman declared the meeting closed.