July 2023 Minutes

Digby Parish Council 


Notes from the Parish Council meeting will be held on Monday 10th July 2023, at 7pm, in Digby War Memorial Hall.


Present – James Bourne (JB), Darren Drysdale (DD), Karen Groves (KG), Ken Hand (KH)


Public Forum

It was reported that on Beck St at No.7 and No.9 the hedge needs cutting back as it is overhanging and blocking part of the footpath.   On Greendykes the conifers on the residential side of the dyke are leaning over the footpath.  At the far end of North Street on the way to Rowston the 30mph sign and the Digby name plate sign are missing.  On Station Road near the railway bridge, the 30mph is not visible due to the overgrown hedge.

The hay bales that fell from a vehicle into the Beck over two weeks ago still need to be removed.

On public footpath No.5 the second stile has been closed off to dogs, is there anything that can be done?

Action: The Clerk will look into all the issues raised.


District & County Councillors' Matters

Cllr Kendrick sent his apologies as he was attending another meeting.


It was resolved the meeting was opened.

1.  Chairman's Opening Remarks (23/100)

a) Welcome.

In the absence of the Chairman, it was resolved KH would take the Chair and he welcomed everyone to the meeting.

2.  Apologies & Vacancy (23/101)

a) Apologies 

Apologies were received and accepted from Ian Davies (ID) and Gerald Garton (GG).  Both are on holiday.

b) Co-option of a Councillor on to the Parish Council.

No applications have been received to fill this vacancy.

3.  Declarations of Pecuniary Interest & Applications of Dispensation (23/102)

a) There were no declarations of interest.

4.  Signing of the Minutes (23/103)

a) It was proposed by JB, seconded by KG and RESOLVED to accept the notes of the Parish 

 Council Meeting held on Monday 12th June 2023 as a true and accurate record of that meeting.

5.  Planning Matters (23/104)

a) Planning Applications Received

Nil to date

b) Decision Notice Received.

23/0434/HOUS 27 Beck Street – Proposed loft conversion and alterations to the existing space to create improved living accommodation.  Approved by NKDC.

c)  Consultation - Meeting with Advanced Fuel Partners.

A meeting was held on 5th July with representatives from Advanced Fuel Partner (AFP) and the parish council.  AFP presented detailed information on the proposed biofuel plant at Walcott Farm.  It was ascertained that because of the scheduled monument (The Cross) in Digby and the poor condition of the roads, a traffic order will be in place to prevent lorries, serving the proposed plant, transiting through Digby.

6. General Parish Matters (23/105)

a). Update on from Historic England regarding the Cross.

No further information has been received from Historic England.

b)  To discuss updates on the works from the annual asset inspection.

KH agreed to look at painting of the Bus Shelter as soon as he is able.  It was agreed to contact the group that manage the Telephone box to see if they are interested in re- painting it. 

Action: The Clerk to contact the group.

c)  Update on adoption of footpath ‘The Smoot’ from North Street to Green Dykes.

The Clerk has sent a further request to LCC for the footpath to be adopted under Section 228 which was muted back in Apr 2022.  We are now awaiting a response via Cllr Kendrick.

d)  The Trees and their Safety in the Pond Area on North Street.

On the village asset inspection, it was identified that the Willow Tree in the old pond area on North Street has become very large.   Since the inspection the property owner next to the tree has requested permission to get it cut back from her house. The Cherry tree in the area is also over hanging the road

Under Health and Safety, it was RESOLVED to have the trees surveyed to confirm their condition with the view to reduce the height of the willow and protect the adjoining property as necessary.

Action:  The Clerk will arrange the survey and obtain a quote for any work.

7.  Highways (23/106)

a) To report any Pot Holes or Highways issues.

JB reported Digby Fen Road has not still not had any repairs carried out after all the meetings and promises of work commencing in the area.

Action:  The Clerk will chase this up with our County Councillor.

The reported fallen road sign, from last month, on the junction of Fen Road and Digby Road has been re-erected.

b)  Update of School Safety zone.

Cllr Kendrick has been asked to chase this as the public consultation was completed on 15th June.

c) Updates on the Community Speed Watch.

Three of the volunteers have completed the training. Another volunteer has now been recruited.    The inspection of the sites will be completed on Tuesday 11th July.  The equipment now needs to be ordered.  It was proposed by DD seconded by KH to order the required equipment.  There were 2 abstentions.  The Chairman used his casting vote to progress the motion.

Action:  The Clerk to order the Speed Watch equipment.

d) Update on the request for a new street light on B1188.

Still waiting for a response to this request.

8.  The Village Hall (23/107)

a) Village Hall Minutes.

The minutes from the latest meeting of the committee have been received and distributed to the councillors prior to this meeting. DD mentioned there are concerns about the poor condition of the grass at the front of the hall.  

Action: The Clerk will arrange a meeting with Greensleeves for advice how to proceed.

b) Sub-committee to be responsible for the garden area and its maintenance.

KG and JB agreed to form a sub-committee that will be responsible for the planning of the maintenance and the execution of works within the garden.  KG will bring a plan to the next meeting.

9.  Drainage (22/108)

a) Report on any Drainage Issues.

JB reported the bottom of beck had been cut and all the grass left in the bottom.  The flood alleviation channel has still not been cut.  JB will make enquiries.

The area of land under the trees between Greendykes and the flood alleviation channel needs to be cut

Action:  The Clerk will check with Stonewell Homes to ascertain who is responsible for that area.

10. Playing Field, Play Areas and Village General (23/109)

a) Report on the monthly inspection of the play equipment.

This month’s inspection is still to be carried out.

b)  Update on the Dug-out Improvements within the Playing Field.

As ID was not present there was no further update on the reconstruction of the dug-out.  It was proposed by KG, seconded by DD, that JB contact C Walker to remove the unwanted tin and wood from the area at a cost of £375.00, leaving the steel frame in place.

c)  RoSPA Outdoor Exercise Equipment Inspection - August.

The annual RoSPA inspection of the play equipment will take place in August.  We have been notified the outdoor exercise equipment involves a different type of inspection and will cost £75.00 for 5 items plus £3.50 for each additional piece.  It was proposed by JB, seconded by DD, this inspection take place.  All agreed. 

Action:  The Clerk to book the inspection.

11.  Allotments (23/110)

a) Updates from the Allotment Committee.

Quotes for the road repairs are being collected.  The planning for the Open day on 29th July is going well.

12.  Finance (23/111)

a) Bank Balances and Approval of Bank Reconciliation

PC general account £ 26,644.09

Allotment Account £    6,851.48

Mary Gresswell Trust Account  £ 5.45

Copies of the reconciliation and the quarterly accounts were forwarded to the councillors prior to the meeting.  The reconciliation was approved.

b) Income Received.

The ground rent of £189.00 from the football club has been received and appears in the above bank balance

c) Approval of Payments.

It was proposed by JB, seconded by KH and all agreed the following payments are made

Salaries/Expenses 707.60

Malc Firth 528.00

CJP Garden Services   90.00

Village Hall rent – Feb to Jun   84.00

d)  Appoint the Internal Auditor.

Sue Weaver has agreed to remain as the internal auditor for another year.  All agreed with her re-appointment.

13.  Correspondence (23/112)

a) LALC Newsletter - Distributed to all councillors

b) NKDC Newsletter - Distributed to all councillors

c) Police Update – There will now only be 2 PCSO’s based at Sleaford and they will be covering Sleaford town centre only.  PC Green will be covering this area, contact details, 07788 843511 or Christopher.green@lincs.police.uk

d)  Litter Picking Kits – are available from LCC upto 31st July.

e)  L.I.V.E.S. – A letter of thanks has been received for the donation sent for the training at the coffee morning

14.  Dates of Future Meetings (23/113)

Parish Council meetings

   For 2023 - 14th Aug, 11th Sep, 9th Oct, 13th Nov, 11th Dec.

15.  Any Business to Note for the Next Agenda (23/114)

16.  Closed Session (23/115)

For confidential items in accordance with the Public Bodies Act 1960, if required.

This item was not required.


20.40hrs – There being no further business the Chairman declared the meeting closed.