November 2023 Minutes



Digby Parish Council 


Notes from the Parish Council meeting held on Monday 13th November 2023 at 7pm, in Digby War Memorial Hall.


PRESENT – Ian Davies (ID) Chairman; James Bourne (JB); Darren Drysdale (DD); Gerald Garton (GG); Karen Groves (KG); Ken Hand (KH) 

In attendance – Angie McDonald, Clerk and Proper Officer.


Public Forum

There were no members of the public present.

District & County Councillors' Matters

District Council Bailey was not present.

County Councillor Kendrick (RK) spoke of the flooding issues and explained there is to be an inquiry as to why certain parts of the flood defences, put in around the county, did not work.

He also mentioned Lincoln Castle has received a Gold Award for tourism.

RK is still awaiting an update on the adoption of the footpath near Chestnut Close from Highways.


1.  Chairman's Opening Remarks (23/164)

a) Welcome – The Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting.

Our new councillor Mike Lewington (ML) has completed his Declaration of Acceptance form and submitted his Forms of Interest to NKDC.

2.  Apologies (23/165)

a) Apologies -ML sent his apologies as he is dealing with family matters, these were accepted.

3.  Declarations of Pecuniary Interest & Applications of Dispensation (23/166)

a) None

4.  Signing of the Minutes (23/167)

a) It was proposed by DD, seconded by GG and RESOLVED to accept the notes of the Parish Council Meeting held on Monday 9th October 2023 as a true and accurate record of that meeting.

5.  Planning Matters (23/168)

a) Planning Applications Received

23/1308/PNAGR – Farmland, Digby Lane, Billinghay, Erection of a grain store.

There were no objections

Action:  The Clerk to notify NKDC Planning.

b) Decision Notice Received.

Nil to date.

6. General Parish Matters (23/169)

a)  Update on Footpath ‘The Smoot’ from North Street to Green Dykes.   

Cllr Kendrick informed the meeting the adoption is still being looked into.

b)  Newsletter/information Sheet from the Parish Council

The Chairman stated he is still putting this together and will hopefully be able to present something at the next meeting.

Action:  The Chairman continue to work on the Newsletter.

c)  Defibrillator Spares.

The replacement electrodes have been received and will be put in place by GG.

d)  Policing Priorities for the Local Neighbourhood Policing Team.

The council agreed the priorities should be 

1. A visible police presence and 

2. Prevention of Hare Coursing.  

Action:  The Clerk to forward this information to the Local Neighbourhood Policing Team

e)  Grant for Christmas bags for ‘The Digby Elves’.

The Digby Elves will be delivering mince pies to everyone in the village, again, this Christmas and would like a grant to cover the cost of £49.00 for the bags to seal them in.  

It was proposed by JB, seconded by GG and all agreed the grant be awarded.

Action:  The Clerk to inform the Elves and arrange payment.

f)  Review of the Ground Maintenance Contract for Parish Grass Cutting.

The areas of grass cutting were reviewed, it was agreed that no further areas needed to be added to the regular cutting plan.

Action:  The Clerk to obtain a price for the grass cutting for 2024/25.

7.  Highways (23/170)

a) Pot Holes/ Highways issues. 

Damaged/uneven pavements have been reported on Church Street. Highways have inspected the site and no emergency repairs are needed, but the surface repair will be added to routine pavement repair list.

b)  Request for a New Street Light on B1188.

The Chairman has collected letters from the residents that may be affected by the light, as was requested by NKDC, and both have no objections.  The paperwork will now be completed including the location map for the light and sent to NKDC.

Action:  The Clerk to forward this information.

c)  Further updates regarding Public Footpath No.5

 Discussion took place regarding the response from the LCC Countryside Officer and KG offered to contact the rambler association for more information on how to proceed to clarify the situation and hopefully sort the issues.

Action:  KG to Contact the Ramblers Association.

d)  Jubilee Way Footpath from North Street to Harrowby Close.

Several of the councillors have cut back the overhanging brambles and ivy over serveral months.

It was agreed to now report this via Fixmystreet.

Action:  GG to report the overgrown path to Fixmystreet

8.  The Village Hall (23/171)

a) Minutes from the latest meeting of the committee.

There has not been a meeting yet this month, it is due next week.

b)  Financial support to install internet (item carried over from last month)

DD to check with the committee to see if financial support is needed to install or run the internet that is being planned.

Action:  DD to take the information to the next Village Hall meeting and report back to the council.

9.  Drainage (22/172)

a) Public meeting on 27th Nov,

The public meeting has been booked for 27th Nov to discuss the recent flooding in the village.

It was agreed to invite LCC Cllr Kendrick, NKDC Cllr Bailey, representatives from the Environment Agency and Internal Drainage Board.

JB explained to the meeting the situation regarding the Boston Sluice system which is run by the Environment Agency

ID stated the Flood Risk Section 19 form needs to be completed of how many houses were flooded in the village.  GG and ID agreed to collate this information by knocking door to door along Beck Street and The Hurn. Then the information can be sent to the Flood Risk Programme Co-ordinator.   

GG requested Anglian Water be invited as the Pumping Station at the junction of Beck Street and Station Road was not working, during the flood. 

Discussion took place about how the Parish Council could help support residents.  It was agreed to look at the cost of gel filled sandbags, and these may be able to be offered at a reduced price with the parish council paying half the cost, and information will be available to inform residents how they can protect their belongings from the effects of flooding 

Action: The Clerk to put up notices about the meeting.  ID to post an item on Facebook. GG and ID to collate information for Section 19 form.

The Clerk to invite representatives to the meeting.  The Clerk to find the cost of gel filled sandbags.

10. Playing Field, Play Areas and Village General (23/173)

a)  Monthly inspection of Play Equipment.

DD completed the inspection.  There was nothing to add to routine maintenance that is to be planned for the Spring.

b)  Progress of the Bowls Club Lease.

Due to the work involved due to the flooding, it diverted attention from this item.  There is still some outstanding work to sort.  An update will be available at the next meeting.

c)  Offer of Free Trees from Woodland Trust.

The Clerk had looked into the offered packs of trees available from the Woodland Trust and it was agreed they are too many for any projects within the village at this time.  KG stated the Allotment Association may be interested as they wish to plant a hedge area to break the wind across the plots. 

Action:  KG to take the offer to the Allotment Association.

d)  Improvements to the Playing Field Road.

JB stated he still has the load of stone donated by Dyson for the road.  Although it was felt the council could not afford to build a road the full length of the field edge at this time, it was agreed JB would obtain a quote from Mr A Walker on the cost to lay the stone we currently have available.

ID mentioned the work on the dug-out will be starting at the beginning of December

11.  Allotments (23/174)

a) Updates from the Allotment Committee.

KG reported all the plot are taken and there is a small waiting list.  There is currently £1,716 in the accounts, and grant application to refresh the site facilities has been applied for.  Part of the site flooded badly and water is still laying on some plots.  The road repairs have been delayed because of the flooding and the Association is working with school in December.

12.  Finance (23/175)

a) Bank Balances and Approval of Bank Reconciliation

PC General Account 18,150.16

Allotment Account   6,851.48

Mary Gresswell Trust           5.48

The Clerk had provided the bank reconciliation and copies of the accounts prior to the meeting.

These were approved.

b) Income received.

Litter picking Grant 136.08

VAT claim 392.45

Both of these amounts have been banked are included in the above bank balances.

c) Approval of the following payments.

It was proposed by KG, seconded by JB that the following payments are made.

Salaries/Expenses             742.61

Malc Firth Sep/Oct             693.60   

CJP Garden Services         30.00     

RBL Wreath                        20.00

Inagiffy – Laptop repairs    30.00

Burdens – Strimmer service 37.64

Community Heartbeat – Electrode pads 56.34

Digby Village Hall – rent Jun-Oct 70.00

d)  Items for next years budget and meeting of the Finance Working Group.

No new projects for the next financial year were identified.  JB reminded the council that replacement play equipment was needed.  This is already on the projects list and currently there is £5,000 set aside in the reserves.  This will be added to if there is any money left from this financial year.

A meeting of the finance working group will be arranged for the first week in December.  They will then present the proposed budget to the next meeting. 

13.  Correspondence (23/176)

a) LALC Newsletter - Distributed to all councillors

b) NKDC Newsletter - Distributed to all councillors

c) LCC – Confirmation of road traffic order from 27th Oct 23, for Church Street, Digby – Prohibition of Waiting

d) NKDC Official Notice : Review of Polling Districts and Polling Places 2023 to conclude 12th Dec 23.

14.  Dates of Future Meetings (23/177)

Parish Council meetings

   For 2023 -  11th Dec.

Public Meeting  - 27th November at 7pm in the Village Hall

   For 2024 – Second Wednesday of the month -10th Jan, 14th Feb, 13th Mar, 10th Apr, 8th May, 12th Jun, 10th Jul, 14th Aug, 11th Sep, 9th Oct, 13th Nov and 11th Dec.

15.  Any Business to Note for the Next Agenda (23/178)

DD to ask if a contribution to village hall is needed to cover the cost of the hall being open during the  flooding

Review the gardeners contract to include the cutting village hall lawn.

Review the litter pickers rate of pay

16.  Closed Session (23/179)  

The Chairman called the meeting into Closed Session

a) Review the Clerks salary in line with NALC Guidelines.

The Clerk had provided information on the new pay scales produced by NALC

It was proposed by DD, seconded by GG and all agreed to increase the Clerks hourly rate to the recommended amount back dated to 1st April 2023

b) Increment

It was proposed by DD, seconded by GG and all agreed the clerk move up one increment on the Spinal Column Points from the 1st April 2024

The Closed Session was closed.


20.20 hrs – There being no further business the Chairman declared the meeting closed.