May 2018 Minutes Annual Parish Council Meeting


Minutes of the Annual Parish Council meeting held in Digby War Memorial Hall on Wednesday 16th  May 2018 at 6pm

PRESENT -   Parish Cllrs James Bourne (JB), Tracy Bourne (TB), John Fry (JF), Colin Harvey (CH) and Amanda Redsell (AR)

District Councillor Steve Clegg (SC)

In attendance: Angie McDonald, Clerk and Proper Officer


There were no members of the publicpresent.


JF proposed JB for position of Chairman, CH seconded the proposal and it was RESOLVED.  JB accepted the position and took the Chair.  JB signed the Declaration of Acceptance of Office form.

18.10hrs   It was RESOLVED to go out of session so District Councillor Clegg could speak as he had a further meeting to attend at Sleaford Town Council.


District Councillor Clegg (SC).

SC reported Keith Ireland is the new Chief Executiveof LCC.

Lincoln castle are looking forvolunteers to help with future tourism events.

SC thanked the council forforwarding acopy of the letterregarding Che stnut Close Open Space and will help to organise a meeting with representatives at NKDC. It was agreed that would be much appreciated.

Neighbours of the areaof vacant land off North Street have contacted NKDC about vermin being seen. The Enforcement Officeris trying to contact ownerof land.

The planning at Manor Farm Barns is still underconsideration.

At Cranwell the RAF Police are being considered to help with the speed reduction scheme, by being trained to use the radar speed monitors. SC will find out how much of the local area they will cover.

The Chairman thanked SC forattending the meeting and giving his report.   County Councillor Kendrick

Sent his apologies.


A written report was forwarded to the councillors priorto the meeting

18.20 -  The Chairman declared the meeting back in session


CH proposed CH forposition of Vice-Chairman, JF seconded the proposal and it was RESOLVED.  CH accepted the position and CH signed the Declaration of Acceptance of Office form.


a)   The Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting and thanked everyone forputting him forward for Chairman for another year.

4.   APOLOGIES (18/070)

a)   Apologies.

Apologies were received and accepted from GG due to being on holiday.


a)   Declaration of Interest

AR declared an interest in item 6(g) as a member of the Friends of Digby School committee.

a)   It was proposed by TB, seconded by JB and RESOLVED to accept the notes of the Parish Council meeting held on Wednesday 18th April 2018 as a true and accurate record of that meeting.

7.   PLANNING MATTERS (18/073)

a)   Planning Applications Received

18/0449/HOUS  – 4 The Hurn, erection of first floor extension over existing garage

18/0506/HOUS  – 3 Church St, Erection of rearsinglestorey lean to extension and rearextension above existing single storey wing.

There were no objections to either of these applications.

b)   Decision Notice. Nil received.


a)   Parish Organisations.

It   was  RESOLVED  the  following  councillors  will  be  representatives  on   the  following  parish organisations

i)   Memorial Hall Committee - AR

ii)   Allotment Association – JB

Action: Clerk to notify the parish organisations

b)   Working Groups of the Parish Council.

It was RESOLVED the following councillors will be on the working groups detailed below.

i)   Planning – Agreed this is not required due to the new system at NKDC.

ii)   Drainage -  JB, GG

iii)   Playing field  -  JF, CH, GG

iv)   Finance  -  GG, TB, JF.  TB to become a signatory.

c)   Annual Review of Policy Documentation .

i)   Standing Orders – A copy of the New Model Orders, produced by NALC incorporating the changes to the Data Protection Regulations had been distributed to the councillors prior to the meeting. JF requested an amendment to remove under ‘Meetings Generally’ the whole of paragraph (i), and replace with ‘ A person shall raise his hand when requesting to speak’. It was RESOLVED to accept this amendment.

It was RESOLVED to adopt the standing orders incorporating this amendment

ii)   Financial Regulations –   Last reviewed May 2017

The regulations have been reviewed and there were no amendments required.  It was RESOLV ED to continue with the adopted the Financial Regulations

iii)   Complaints Procedure. – Last reviewed May 2017

The Procedure has been reviewed and there were no amendments required.  It was RESOLVED to continue with the adopted Complaints Procedure.

All councillors at the meeting signed to acknowledge adoption of the Standing Orders and Financial Regulations and that they are up to date with the documentation.

d)   Inventory of Assets and Insurance Cover.

The Clerk and GG have looked at the documents and agree all is in order.

e)   General Data Protection Regulations.

The documentation being considered foradoption had been forwarded to the councillors priorto the meeting.

i)   Appointment of a Data Protection Officer.

This position is now not required due to changes in the Data Protection Bill as notified by NALC on 10.5.18

ii)   Adoption of the Data Map.

It was RESOLVEDto adopt the Data Map produced by the Clerk

iii)   Adoption of the Data Protection Policy, Subject Access Request Procedure, Data Breach, Policy and Records Retention Policy.

It was RESOLVED to adopt the above policies.

Action:  The Clerkto put these on the parish website.
iv)   Adoption of the Privacy Notices.

It was RESOLVED to adopt the Privacy Notice

Action: The Clerkto put this on the website.

v)   Security Compliance Checklists.

The completed checklists were handed to the Clerk by AR and JF. The remaining councillors are to complete the checklist and forward to the Clerk.

Action: JB, CH, GG, TB and RW to complete the checklist

vi)   Registration as a Data Controller with the ICO.

The Clerk confirmed Digby Parish Council is registered with the ICO and paid the subscription for this yearin March ‘18

f)   Open spaces on Chestnut Close.

Letters have been sent to Head of Planning, The Chief Executive of NKDC and Head of Waste and Streetscene, with copies to our District Councillors. Acknowledgement of receipt has been received from the head of Waste and Streetscene.  SC has confirmed he can organise a meeting at NK.

18.55 – Councillor Wyness arrived at the meeting.

g)   Grant for the Friends of Digby School

AR declared an interest and took no part in the discussion or decision.

The grant application was discussedand it was proposed by CH, secondedby JF and RESOLVEDagrant of £300.00 be made to the Friends of Digby Primary School, for equipment for the children.

Due to the increase in grant applications being received it was RESOLVED to set a cap at £1500.00 for the amount available for grants to the parish over this financial year and a cap of up to £300.00 per organisation will be put in place.

h)   Land on North Street.

A local resident informed the parish council by phone that NKDC planning and the District Councillor had been informed that vermin had been seen entering her garden from the neighbouring vacant land.  The resident wanted her actions recorded.

9.   HIGHWAYS (18/075)

a)   Beck Street Meeting. No further update.

b)   Greendykes – Hawthorn Hedge .

A hawthorn hedge is protruding onto the Greendykes footpath nearthe junction with Chestnut Close.

JF is to let Clerk know the number of the property the tree is overgrowing from.

Action: The Clerk to ask if the hedge could be cut back from overhanging the footpath.

c)   The Cross.

Highways willbe carryingout areview of the Cross to assess ifany improved protection can be offered.

10.   THE VILLAGE HALL (18/076)

a)   Village Hall Committee Meeting.

The minutes of the latest meeting had been forwarded to the councillors, there wereno questions or points raised.

b)   Village Hall Garden Area.

There had recently been incidents that have required the gardener to carry out extra work in the garden. It was agreed to monitor the situation, it may have been one off incidents. The location of the keys forthe padlocks on the garden gates was discussed and it was agreedto have afurther 3 keys cut to be held by the clerk.

Action: Clerk to get 3x keys cut for Village Hall garden gates.

11.   DRAINAGE (18/077)

a)   Updates from LCC, IDB or the Environment A gency

JB reported that grass cutting of some of the dykes has taken place.


a)   Monthly Inspection of Play Equipment.

CH handed over a copy of the April inspection, and will forward the May inspection shortly.
The work on the overhead rotator has been completed and it is now back in position.

The Clerk reported the playing field gate combination will be changed during the last week in May, the local users that had paid the fee and contractors of the field will be notified.

b)   Equipment Fault Reported

A report was received on 29th  April and forwarded to the councillors of movement on the toddlers multiplay equipment, revealing sharp metal fixing strips.  On 1st May JF confirmed he had dealt with the issue and provided a written report on his actions.  This has been filed by the Clerk.   AR has thanked the parent that had made the report and had notified them of the council’s actions. The Chairman thanked JF for his prompt work.

JF also reported he will be replacing the anti-perching strips on swings this month.

13.   ALLOTMENTS  (18/079)

a)   Allotment Association Meeting.

JB reported there had not been any furthermeetings since his last report.

14.   FINANCE(18/080)

a)   Bank Balances and Approval of Bank Reconciliation Bank balances were reported as:-

PC Account   27,850.12
Allotment Acc   4,234.96
Mary Gresswell Trust   223.38

The reconciliation was approved.

b)   Income Received.

The following amounts were received since the last meeting and are included in the reported bank balances.

Pigeon Club   £  35.00
Allotment Rent   £720.00
VAT return (Oct 17 to Mar 18)   £335.55

The following amounts have been received and not banked yet Bowls Club   £  60.00

c)   Approval of Payments.

It was proposed by TB, seconded by AR and RESOLVED the following payments are made


May 2018 minutes annual parish council meeting

d)   Changes to Payroll Processing

Due to the changes to the payroll processing due to GDPR a copy of the latest fees have been sent to all the councillors.  There will littlechange to ourcurrent amount to be paid.

e)   The Annual Governance and Accountability Return

i)   Internal Control System.

The Internal auditorhas completed and signed the AGAR part 2, confirming the council has complied and has in place the relevant procedures and controls of internal control of its finances.

ii)   Section 1. Annual Governance Statement 2017/18

The items of the Annual Governance Statement were read out by the Clerk and it was RESOLVED the Annual Governance Statement be approved. The document was signed and dated by the Chairman and Clerk.

iii)   The Accounting statements 2017/18

Copies of the accounting statement were distributed to the councillors.
iv)   Approval of the Accounting Statement for 2017/18

It was proposed by JB, seconded by JF and RESOLVEDto approve the Accounting Statement for 2017/18.   It was signed and dated by the Chairman and the RFO (Clerk) .

v)   Certificate of Exemption

As the gross income or gross expenditure was less than £25,000, it was RESOLVED the Chairman and RFO (Clerk) sign the Certificate of Exemption

The council offered theirthanks to the RFO for all the work in completing the audit.

Action: Copies of the Annual Internal Audit, the Annual Governance Statement, the Annual Account Statements, the analysis of variances, the bank reconciliation, plus the information be Regulation 15 (2), Accounts and Audit Regulations 2015 including the period for the exercise of publicrights and the Certificate of Exemption are to be  published on the council’s website.

d)   Internal Auditor for 2018/19.

Mr Malcom Smith has agreed to remain as the Internal Auditorforanotheryear.  It was RESOLVED to accept his offer.

Action:  Clerk to write and thank Mr Smith.

15.   CORRESPONDENCE (18/081)

a)   LCC Funding Portal – Distributed to councillors 23.4.18, 8.5.18

b)   NALC, Update on GDPR and Data Protection Bill – Distributed to councillors 3.5.18

c)   LCC Parish Websites update – Distributed to councillors 9.5.18

d)   Request fora grant from Digby Bowls Club- Distributed to councillors 14.5.18

Action: Clerkto send grant application form to Bowls Club and add to next agenda

e)   NKDC New Empty Homes Officer – letterof introduction. Distributed to councillors 14.5.18

f)   Request for Church Maint

Action: Clerkto send grant application form to PCC and add to nextagenda


20th  Jun, 11th  July, 15th  Aug, 18th  Sep, 17th  Oct, 14th  Nov 19th   Dec

17.   ANY BUSINESS TO NOTE FOR THE NEXT AGENDA (18/083) Update on Village Hall Garden Footway Lighting (JB) Review Risk Assessment to include parish grass cutting

Clerk’s pay review as per National Association of Local Clerks Consider grants for the Churchyard Maintenance/Bowls Club

18.   CLOSED SESSION (forconfidential items in accordance with the Public Bodies Act 1960) (18/084)

This item was not required.

20.35 – There being no further business the Chairman declared the meeting closed.