March 2020 Minutes


Minutes from the Digby Parish Council meeting held in the Digby War Memorial Hall on 18th March 2020 at 7pm.

PRESENT Parish Cllrs James Bourne (JB) Chairman; Tracy Bourne (TB); Gerald Garton (GG); Karen Groves (KG) and Amanda Redsell (AR)

In attendance: Angie McDonald, Clerk and Proper Officer.


Two residents came to support the request for a grant for a shelter for teenagers and commented that it would be for the benefit of the village and other teenagers. They view a suitable position will be on the playing field on the hard standing of the old football cabin. It is planned to raise a contribution towards the shelter by fund raising, but there is obviously a delay now due to the Coronavirus. TB asked them to provide a picture of the shelter that they are interested in. The matter will be discussed by the council in Item 10b.


District Cllrs Clegg (SC) & Clarke (JC).

Not in Attendance due to the Coronavirus– A written report was forwarded to all councillors

County Councillor Kendrick (RK).

Not in Attendance due to the Coronavirus – A written report was forwarded to all councillors


No report received.


a) The Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting.

2. APOLOGIES and CO- OPTION (20/36)

a) Apologies.

Apologies were received and accepted from C Harvey, District Councillors Clegg and Clarke and County

Councillor Kendrick due to the Coronavirus restrictions.

b) Applicants for Co-option.

Nil received.


a) Declarations of Interest.

KG declared an interest in Item 11 and AR and GG declared an interest in item 6a.

As Mr N Gardener was present to discuss item 11b it was proposed by GG, seconded by TB and RESOLVED to move item 11b of the agenda to be discuss at this point and to permit Mr Gardener to speak.

11. b) Costings for Repairing the Allotment Road. (20/38)

Mr Gardener confirmed the quote to repair the road of £790.00. He also stated the Allotment Association are proposing to carry out additional work on the water standpipes and are currently checking that this is possible within their budget. KG had declared and interest and took no part in the decision. GG proposed, AR seconded and all agreed to accept the quote. Mr Gardener thanked the council for their time and left the meeting.

It was RESOLVED to return to the agenda.


a) It was proposed by GG, seconded by AR and RESOLVED to accept the notes of the Parish Council Meeting held on Wednesday 19th February 2019 as a true and accurate record of that meeting.


a) Planning Applications Received.

20/0255/HOUS & 20/0256/LBC The Manor House, 59 North Street. Erection of single storey lean to side extension, single storey infill extension to rear and alterations to outbuildings.

No objections

b) Decision Notice.

Nil to date.


a) Grant to Friends of Digby Primary School.

The grant application had been received and the Clerk read out the details. The school are wanting to replace up to 12 laptops for educational purposes. Each laptop will cost £438.00, a copy of the invoice was included in the grant application. AR and GG had declared and interest and took no part in the decision. It was proposed by JB, seconded by KG and RESOLVED to award a grant of £438 for the cost of one laptop.

Action: The Clerk to raise a cheque for £438.00

b) Annual Parish Meeting & The Annual Meeting of the Parish Council .

Due the restrictions in place, by the Government, to help prevent the spread of the Coronavirus it was proposed by GG, seconded by JB and RESOLVED to defer the Annual Parish Meeting until further notice.

It was also proposed by AR, seconded by GG and RESOLVED the Annual Meeting of the Parish Council will also be deferred until further notice. This will mean the Chairman and the other Councillors will remain in their current positions on the council until the Annual Meeting and, therefore, the elections can take place.

Action: The Clerk to place a notice on the website and noticeboard

As it is likely that all further meetings of the council will be cancelled it was agreed the following actions will be put in place. It was RESOLVED to suspend Standing Orders and Financial Regulations as necessary to enable the smooth running of the council, for as long as the current circumstances dictates. It was RESOLVED permission for payments will be obtained by the Clerk by email and to be ratified and the first full meeting of the Parish Council.

c) Two motion sensitive lights on the Village Hall to light the defibrillator.

Permission has been received from the Village Hall Committee to install 2x motion sensitive lights on the Village Hall, one above the defibrillator and one to light the footpath to the equipment. JB obtained a quote for £331.51 to complete the work, it was proposed by TB, seconded by GG that the work be carried out.

Action: JB to arrange the installation of the lights.

d) New Parish Council website provided by LCC.

The Clerk attended the training, which was brief, and was told the new websites will be available by the end of March. Unfortunately none of the content on the existing sites can be transfer so it will all need to be uploaded, separately. This will take time but will be an ideal opportunity to remove all old out of date info and to reassess what is required on the site. The Clerk requested up to an additional 8 hours to her current rate to action this up date. This will be discussed and confirmed at the next meeting when the new site is confirmed available.

Action: Additional hours for the Clerk to be added to the next agenda.

e) Name for the New Development off North Street.

A name from the developer has been suggested of Pepperpot Rise. It was felt by the council not to be in keeping with the other street names that have connections with the village.

The suggestions from the council were Manor Rise – as the land is adjacent to the Manor House, Willow Rise - as the large willow tree on the adjoining land is a great visual feature or Gresswell Field – as the Gresswell family have contributed to the village by providing the land for the Village Hall.

These suggestions will be sent to NKDC for consideration by the developer.

Action: Clerk to forward the suggested names to NKDC

f) Review of Data Protection Policy.

The Clerk, prior to the meeting, forwarded the revised version of the Data Protection Policy. This version has been produced by LALC. It was proposed by JB, seconded GG and RESOLVED to accept the revised Data Protection Policy.

Action: The Clerk to amend the website document page.

f) Happy to Chat Bench Programme.

This item had been seen by a family living in Jersey who have family connections to the village. They would like to purchase a bench in memory of their mother. It was agreed a Happy to Chat bench could be placed within the grounds of the Village Hall on the side facing North Street. This is where the Library and the mobile Post Office stop. JB will forward details of the bench currently being purchased for Harrowby Close as an example to the family.

Action: Clerk to order a bench and ‘Happy to Chat’ sign.

7. HIGHWAYS (20/42)

a) Potholes or Highways Issues.

The Fen potholes have been filled, The Hurn potholes have been marked.

b) Temporary Repair to Beck Wall near The Cross.

It has been noted that sandbags have been placed in the Beck at the area of the wall requiring repair as reported in January. The council assume this is a temporary repair and is awaiting confirmation from Highways via county Councillor Rob Kendrick.

c) D-class road from B1188 to North Street being used for Development Traffic.

GG is concerned about the damage to the D-class road. The Clerk has requested a response from Highways via our County Councillor Rob Kendrick


a) Village Hall Committee Meeting.

AR confirmed all events have been cancelled until further notice due the Coronavirus. At the last meeting it was discussed obtaining security cameras, to cover the carpark and front of the village hall.

9. DRAINAGE (20/44)

a) Updates from IDB or the Environment Agency.

Work for the flood alleviation scheme is commencing, electricity cables are currently being placed underground.


a) Monthly Inspection of Play Equipment.

The monthly inspection has been completed and there was nothing to report.

b) Teenage Shelter in the Playing Field.

The Chairman stated he admired representatives for coming to the meeting, and although there is every sympathy for the teenagers situation, the Parish Council have to consider the safety of the teenagers if the shelter is placed within the playing field. They will be wanting to use it in the evenings and the area is unlit.

Action: The Clerk to make enquiries about shelters in other villages.

c) Open Space area behind The Hurn and Harrowby Close - Bench & Maintenance of Area.

The state of the hedge in this area has still not been addressed by NKDC, it still needs to be cut back.

It was also discussed as to whether the youth shelter could be placed in this area rather than a bench, as there are street lights and the area can be overlooked by neighbours. It was agreed to ask if permission for a shelter could be granted by NKDC, then a survey of the residents will be required.

Action: The Clerk to ask NKDC if a youth shelter could be erected on this area and to ask NKDC to come and maintain the hedge.

11. ALLOTMENTS (20/46)

a) Allotment Association Meeting.

The notes from the last meeting were forwarded to the councillors.

b) Costings for Repairs to the Allotment Road.

This item was RESOLVED to be moved to the beginning of the meeting.

12. FINANCE (20/47)

a) Bank Balances and Approval of Bank Reconciliation.

The bank balances were reported as:-

Mar 2020 Chairman’s signature
Parish Council Account 15,528.40
Allotment Account 5,150.61
Mary Greswell Acc 5.45

The bank reconciliation was accepted. The Clerk distributed up to date copies of the accounts for the councillors to view how the Council had kept to the planned budget for 2019/20.

b) Income received.


c) Approval of Payments.

It was proposed by GG, seconded by AR and RESOLVED the following payments would be made:

Invoice VAT Total
Salaries/Expenses 647.50 647.50
Digby Village Hall Hire - Jan 12.00 12.00
Autela Payroll services 40.20 8.04 48.24
Data Protection Fee 35.00 35.00
LALC Training Fee to be paid 6th April 102.00 102.00

d) Annual Return

LALC have been notified that the parish councils Annual Return is to be submitted to PKF Littlejohn by 1st July. The paperwork should arrive with the council by the end of the month.

Action: The Clerk will arrange the Internal Auditor carry out and audit during April .


a) LALC – Weekly newsletter. Distributed to all councillors

b) LCC – Development Management Survey. Distributed to councillors 25.2.20

c) Notification that the Best Kept Village Competition will not be run by CPRE. A new local competition may emerge in the future. Distributed to councillors 26.2.20

d) NKDC Election Notice – Election of Police and crime Commissioner for the Lincolnshire Police Area.

e) Insurance Renewal details – distributed to councillors 16.3.20. A review of the insurance cover will be needed before the next meeting.

f) County Cllr Kendricks monthly update – March

g) LCC Temporary Road Restrictions- Closure of PRoW4 for certain periods from 4th April to19th Sept, for flood alleviation works.


Parish Council meetings for 2020

All meetings of the Parish Council are deferred until further notice.

Annual Parish Meeting – now deferred until further notice


Village boundary signs
Review social media policy
Grant for grass cutting in the Church Yard

16. CLOSED SESSION (for confidential items in accordance with the Public Bodies Act 1960) If required. (20/51)

This item was not required.

20.35hrs – There being no further business the Chairman declared the meeting closed.